For each application of granite there are various finishes, each with its own advantage. Different finishes give out a different aesthectic appeal to the natural stone.

Honned/ Matt Finish

  • Honned granite is most commonly used for flooring purpose. It is one of the most common type of finishes applied.
  • It gives a very smooth finish to the surface with non slippery tactility. It shows no reflection.

Polished Finish

  • Polished is one of the most common type of finishes applied.
  • After giving the granite stone a honned finish, it is treated with buffing process which makes it slippery and glossy.
  • This makes it suitable for the usability in counter tops and vanity tops.
  • It shows good reflection and does not get stained easily.

Leather Finish

  • A leathered or brushed finish is a finish achieved by treating a honned granite with diamond tipped brushes to add texture to it.
  • This makes the stone appear more sophisticated and retain its natural color.
  • The surface becomes stain resistant and is known for hiding fingerprints.
  • This finish gives no reflection.

Lepatto Finish

  • A lepatto finished stone is made by removing the already existing polish of the stone, for which it is grinded using abrasives.
  • The final finish is a combination of gloss and matt, less reflective and has a granular worn-out but highly elegant look.
  • The surface is non-slippery and easy to clean.

Flamed Finish

  • Though not a commonly applied finish, Flammed granite is a unique surface mostly used for outdoor requirements.
  • A blow torch is used to apply a high temperature flame to the surface of granite for removing soft parts and giving it a rugged finish.
  • After the procedure a steel brush is used to clean the rough granite surface for removing loose particles.
  • The rough surface is then smoothened by application of brushes. This finish gives the stone a non-slippery and textured finish which makes it more feasible for walkways.
  • Flamed granite usually produces muted colors. To give an antique finish to the stone, a flammed granite is treated with buffing.

Bush Hammered Finish

  • On applying bush hammered finish, the granite gives a naturally weathered rock look and feel with a lightly textured surface, which lightens the natural color of the stone.
  • Though not commonly applied as other finishes, Bush hammered finish is worth considered.

Sand Blasted Finish

  • On the the area to be treated with sandblasting, a high-pressure jet of siliceous sand is applied.
  • Due to which a smooth abrasion is produced, making the surface of the material slightly scratched (but not rugged).
  • On applying sandblasting treatment, the colour tones and the veins become slightly dull.