Granite being an igneous rock is found in extensive rocky deposites. Like all other natural stones it begins its journey at quarry.

Excavation of granite blocks takes place using hydraulic earth moving equipment in open pit quarries. At the factory’s block yard, these blocks are dressed using any one of the three mono diamond.

After excavation the rough blocks are cut into shapes, then inspected for quality and subsequently moved to the respective block yards using heavy duty trucks.

Dressed blocks are then ready for sawing in the gangsaw into desired thickness. The sawn slabs are susequently stacked on the loader for polishing.

The Granite slabs are cut into tiles and articles of different shapes and sizes using cutting tools and machines as per the requirement.

The tiles and articles are then polished and edged as required. The appearance of this natural stone is then modified by the selected finishing process.

Before being dispatched the product undergoes an intense quality check process.

The polished slabs are finally packed into wooden crates and stuffed into Open Top / GP box containers as and when to be dispatched.